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Taking care of your printer during COVID-19

You might have to work from home, and leave your trusted Epson printer unattended. Here are some guidelines to ensure that it will be in good working order upon your return.

For Epson Aqueous (“water-based” printers) ureColor P-Series/T-Series

Epson recommends that a customer does a print head cleaning, and power off the printer from the control panel (not a power strip) so the print head caps correctly in the capping station.

The aqueous printers are very complex to store/flush (usually requiring technicians and cleaning cartridges) and are very reliable to recover if simply turned off.

Customers may need to do some head cleanings when restarting the printer to recover nozzles, but all nozzles should recover when the printer is restarted.

For the SureColor P10000/20000 (only):

Simply turning off the printer is recommended for 2+ months for these printers as well, but if customers want to completely flush the printer, here are the instructions:

To execute transportation/storage mode on the SC-P10000/SC-P20000, please follow the

following options on the display panel:

1. Scroll right in the main home screen until the section "Maintenance" is highlighted. Press

the "OK" button.

2. Scroll in the "Maintenance" section and select "Transportation/Storage" mode.

3. Press "OK" twice to begin.

For detailed instructions, please review the information in the printer user guide:

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