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Spectraflow East apparel and retail print solutions will give CAD and Design Teams confidence that seasonal palette colors matched on one printer will also match on any other printer in the harmonized fleet.

Apparel & Retail Print Solutions For Color Consistency

Printer Color Matching Speeds Design Cycle & Reduces Waste

Our Spectraflow Harmonized Inkjet Printing Solution (SHIPS) gives you confidence that seasonal palette colors matched on one printer will also match on any other printer in the harmonized fleet. The combination of on-time Epson supplies and proactive Spectraflow support keeps the printing solution up-and-running— especially during cycles of peak output.

Spectraflow East provides on-site installation of our turnkey printer color matching solution customized to your needs. A carefully scoped printing solution comprised of Epson equipment can be delivered via available White Glove service to most locations. Our Tech Consultants work with your IT resources to integrate printers into the local network, install Fiery RIP software, and bring printers on-line as efficiently as possible. Our remote software installation option allows IT to anticipate and resolve roadblocks in corporate computing environments ahead of scheduled on-site integration.

What Can I Achieve?

Consistent printing across a fleet of Epson printers

Printers that match each other allow Creative Teams to produce sample prints without the bottlenecks that can occur when trying to use the “one good printer that matches” to produce critical work. The SHIPS solution transforms every printer into the “same” printer when it comes to uniformity of color output.

Color Consistency across design softwares

The Fiery XF RIP provides a uniform print workflow for many design applications providing consistent color output from Kaledo, NED, Generation Digital, Adobe Creative Suite, and 3D design software. 
Palette Colors print Accurately - Wide Gamut Printers can achieve accurate rendering of a high percentage of common design colors: typically 90% or more of seasonal palette colors are in-gamut on high-quality paper. 

Color Accuracy over time

Matching physical standards using visual ranges can be time-consuming and tedious work. By utilizing SHIPS printers that are calibrated to remain stable over time, color matching work can be done with the confidence that harmonized printers will continue to match physical standards over time. 

Ongoing Support and Service

Spectraflow support provides on site service and unlimited remote support to keep your color workflow consistent from day 1 through day 1000. Scheduled Remote Calibration maintains ongoing fleet color harmonization. If a printer were to develop an unexpected color drift, Remote Calibration can restore color accuracy in about an hour. 

Printer Repair

SHIPS equipment includes a three-year manufacturer warranty. Just call Spectraflow for timely repair of hardware breakdown. 

Reliable supplies partner

Our crack logistics team keeps your printers reliably supplied with ink and paper with one or two day turnaround in most parts of the continental US. Spectraflow’s web portal allows for streamlined reordering and order tracking. 

Certification EFI.png

Our integration team has 40+ years of field experience, and hold G7 Expert Certification, as well as certifications in EFI Fiery

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