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Packaging Comp Solutions


Our packing comp solutions communicate the color result of your design on paper & on different packaging substrates

Color Accurate Packaging Mockups & Proofs

The new Epson S80600 solvent printer paired with GMG ColorProof and GMG OpenColor makes accurate prediction of spot color overprints a reality.  With significantly increased color gamut and 5x the speed of competitive solutions, the S80 is revolutionizing the package prototyping market.  Our consultants can implement a color workflow that saves time and money, while achieving accurate color on packaging mockups and proofs from various packaging substrates.

Packaging Comp Solutions

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What Can I Achieve?

The inkjet-based printer Epson SC-S80600 enables you to quickly and easily create color-accurate film proofs and packaging prototypes.

Excellent match to be achieved between standard paper proofs and the new film and packaging proofs from the SC-S80600

Existing projects in GMG OpenColor and existing GMG color profiles can be converted quickly and easily for the different substrates

Printer can be recalibrated within tight tolerances to ensure consistent performance and color representation

Spectraflow East is the


Our integration team has 40+ years of field experience, and hold G7 Expert Certification, as well as certifications in GMG ColorProof, ColorServer, OpenColor and the Color PlugIn. 

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