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Your Color Management Expert for 
GMG's Suite of Color Software

Efficient, Accurate & Reliable Proofing

  • Consistent Proof System Results Anytime, Anywhere

  • Plug & Proof Options

  • Consistent Results Across Multiple Locations

  • Reliable Packaging Printing

  • Proofing Systems for Specific Applications

Efficient and reliable color proofing, all the time.

For over 15 years, Spectraflow East has guided Retouchers, Ad Agencies, Brands and many others in outfitting their studios with the technology that enables them to deliver reliable contract color proofs to their clients.


Our team of Color Experts are versed in the leading color RIP software and, as one of the nation’s foremost resellers, can help you choose the right printer and supplies to achieve your goals while meeting your budget. With our integration services, you can rest assured that your investment will be set up to the highest industry standards.

Print Proofing Solutions

Key Benefits

  • Create proofs to match all published standards (GRACoL, SWOP, FOGRA, PSO, etc.)

  • Ability to match custom target data, such as a specific press condition

  • Verify your proofs to ensure you are matching within tolerance

  • Accurate reproduction of Pantone colors - all current libraries included

  • Ensure that your printer remains consistent over time with automatic calibration

  • Automated features make proofing reliable and easy

  • Create an unlimited number of hot folders and workflows for matching many different output conditions

  • Consistent results across multiple locations 


Software Options

  • GMG ColorProof - Integrates digital proofing devices & proofing media to simulate final print results

  • GMG ColorServer - Fully automates conversion to any output color space

  • GMG OpenColor - Precisely simulates press printing using spectral data, printing process, substrates & ink sequence

  • GMG ColorPlugin - Instantly replaces process colors, expands CMYK images with one or more spot color channels

  • GMG ProofMedia - High-quality, certified substrates for accurate color reproduction

  • GMG ColorCard - Replaces manual drawdowns with printed references based on the ink kitchen's spectral measurement values

G7 Experts certification
GMG Color Proof RIP

Our integration team has 40+ years of field experience, and hold G7 Expert Certification, as well as GMG, EFI and ONYX certifications

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