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Spectraflow East is proud to present

color workflow print packaging solutions on specifically designed to meet the needs of offset printing and packaging

Print Packaging Solutions
Print Packaging Solutions
Print Packaging Solutions

Packaging Printing Solutions

Our proven methodology provides a thoughtful workflow that allows designers to create assets with predictable results that have a direct relation to the final deliverables

Brand identity has never been more important. Our packaging printing solutions allow brands to achieve their vision - more accurately, efficiently and predictably than ever before. When printing non-standard 4C work, there is significant time and money spent on testing what files will look like when they print on press.  The testing is time consuming, costly, and often does not provide the best possible match. 

Want to see an example of how this solution can help streamline your process?

And we will provide you with printed proofs that show the capabilities of this technology!

GMG's Suite of Color Solutions

GMG OpenColor makes sure CMYK and spot colors print exactly the way you want them to.

Using GMG’s patented OpenColor technology, accurate proof simulations of overprinting effects of spot colors, using special multichannel profiles, is now a reality. The spectral data calculation done under the hood factors in printing technologies, media types and printing order, with results so reliable that profile iterations are no longer necessary. By implementing GMG OpenColor, you will be able to test the result of different ink combinations on your existing inkjet Epson P-Series printer, without the need for costly press testing. 

Print Packaging Solutions

The OpenColor solution provides the following key benefits:

  • Accurately proof multichannel files in-house, preview overprints in Photoshop and in hard copy proofs

  • Create better separations with more predictable results, no matter where the file prints

  • Test multiple color combinations at a fraction of the cost of press testing at design and concept stage

  • Shorten the cycle for huge time savings

  • Fewer unexpected print results

  • Characterize individual presses, for ultimate press prediction

  • Significant time savings in prepress thanks to profile creation and separation

  • Profiling without a specific chart, which means no separate fingerprint and less paper waste 

  • Achieve consistent colors across the supply chain

GMG ColorServer is the application that converts files from RGB to CMYK+spot channels.

ColorServer allows conversion of files from RGB to CMYK, RGB to non-standard 4C (such as ink swaps) and, with the addition of the upcoming release of the Multi module, true RGB to 5-color and 6-color separations will be possible. This gives us the flexibility to convert files in ways never possible before.

Print Packaging Solutions

GMG ColorPlugin takes the power of ColorServer, and puts it into Photoshop.

GMG ColorPlugin combines the raw processing power of Photoshop with the superior GMG MX technology. Now, you can separate files, view multichannel separations and preview results all within Photoshop; allowing you to create intelligent bump plates and refine an image, once converted.

Print Packaging Solutions

Integration Services

Technology is important, but the right implementation and ongoing support is critical to the success of the entire system.

As such, we have developed a methodology for initial implementation and continuing service.

Initial System Installation

  • Comprehensive set up of all software systems

  • Workflow development

  • Training for key users

Production Services

  • File preparation - swap colors, add additional channels and/or bumps

  • Set up color conversion and output proofing profiles

  • Collaborate with retouching vendors, printers and key stakeholders

  • Review of separated files to ensure color fidelity building

Print Packaging Solutions

Color Libraries

  • Create testcharts that will be printed in the waste of live jobs or press tests

  • Measure testcharts to create a library of data based on press(es) and substrate(s)

  • Create custom profiles that can be used for separation and proofing for specific presses


System Maintenance

  • Perform updates to all software, as needed.

  • Perform in-house printer maintenance


Press Reporting

  • Initial set up of MeasureColor Reports

  • Collaborate with print vendors for setup of MeasureColor Pro or Packaging to send data from the press runs and to your MeasureColor Reports database. 

  • Configuration and training after press data begins coming in

Spectraflow East is the


Our integration team has 40+ years of field experience, and hold G7 Expert Certification, as well as certifications in GMG ColorProof, ColorServer, OpenColor and the Color PlugIn. 

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