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Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Ink Cartridge Transition and Necessary Firmware Update for UltraChrome HD/HDX Ink

Due to the continuing chip shortage, Epson UltraChrome HD and HDX ink cartridges of all sizes will transition to a different design with new part numbers starting June 1, 2023.

Please update firmware of your EPSON SC P6000, P7000, P8000, and P9000, at the earliest convenience, following the referenced instructions at

New firmware details and impacts

  • The new firmware enables printers to run any combination of current cartridges, or new versions.

  • Without the new firmware, new ink cartridges will not be recognized by the printers.

  • If a customer runs out of ink while utilizing the old firmware, and only has new cartridges available, they will be unable to proceed.

Details of new ink cartridges/skus

  • Identical ink chemistry – zero change in formulation. No impact to color, profiles, etc.

  • Remaining ink levels will be determined by the printer counting droplets fired through the head, instead of the chip on the cartridge counting down.

  • In many cases, slightly more ink will be left in the new cartridges, when the printer states the cartridge is out/time to change. * However pricing of the new cartridges is lower, so this more than evens out on cost per usable ml.

* Reminder: Epson ink cartridges have always had ink left in them when they reach the “ink out” level. This ensures a continuous supply of ink through the system to the print head and avoids air being drawn into the lines which can create problems. Cartridges have always been slightly overfilled, beyond the stated volume, to account for this safety precaution.

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