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Pushing the Boundaries of Professional Printing: Epson SureColor® P20570

In the realm of professional printing, precision, speed, and color accuracy are paramount. Whether you're a seasoned photographer, a fine artist, or a graphic designer, the quest for excellence in print quality never ends. Enter the Epson SureColor® P20570, a game-changer in the world of large-format production and fine art printing.

Redefining Professional Printing

The SureColor® P20570 stands as a testament to Epson's commitment to innovation and excellence. This advanced printer is meticulously engineered to meet the exacting demands of multiple markets, from professional photography to fine art reproductions to graphic design.

Let's delve into what makes this printer truly remarkable.

Cutting-Edge Technology

At the heart of the SureColor® P20570 lies a high-performance 12-channel PrecisionCore® Micro TFP® printhead. This cutting-edge printhead incorporates Nozzle Verification Technology, ensuring automated maintenance for consistent and reliable printing. Combined with the UltraChrome® PRO12 Ink system, which includes Orange, Green, and Violet, this printer boasts the widest color gamut in its class, delivering stunningly vibrant prints with up to 99 percent coverage of the PANTONE® PLUS FORMULA GUIDE solid-coated standard.

Unmatched Performance

Speed and efficiency are hallmarks of the SureColor® P20570. With print speeds of up to 200 ft²/hr, this printer churns out exhibition-quality prints at exceptional speeds. The high-capacity 1.6 L ink pack system not only eliminates the need for frequent cartridge changes but also reduces plastic waste by up to 90 percent compared to cartridges, contributing to a more sustainable printing process.

Streamlined Workflow

Epson understands the importance of workflow efficiency in professional printing. That's why the SureColor® P20570 comes equipped with powerful management tools, including the Epson Edge® Print Pro RIP software and Epson Cloud Solution PORT®. These tools streamline production, allowing for seamless integration into existing workflows and remote monitoring for enhanced fleet management.

Unrivaled Durability

Print permanence is a critical consideration for professionals. The SureColor® P20570 creates prints that can last up to 200 years in color and 400 years in black-and-white, setting an industry standard for longevity. This ensures that your prints will stand the test of time, preserving your artistic vision for generations to come.

Intuitive Operation

Despite its advanced features, the SureColor® P20570 remains user-friendly thanks to its intuitive interface. The large 4.3" color LCD touchscreen allows for complete system control, making printing a breeze even for novice users.

The Epitome of Fine Art Printing

“Fine art printers, professional photographers and artists have an incredibly challenging need to accurately reproduce art in high volume,” said Andreas Goehring, director, Professional Imaging, Epson America. “Seven years in the making leveraging direct customer feedback, the SureColor P20570 meets this challenge, offering advanced features to enhance productivity and expand color gamut with increased black density. Leveraging UltraChrome PRO12 pigment ink, this 64-inch printer sets a new standard, pushing the boundaries of colors that can be reproduced for large, exhibition quality prints, creating art the way the artist intended the work to be seen.”

The Epson SureColor® P20570 redefines the landscape of professional printing. With its advanced technology, unmatched performance, and commitment to excellence, it stands as the pinnacle of professional printing technology. Whether you're a fine art printer, a professional photographer, or a graphic designer, the SureColor® P20570 empowers you to bring your vision to life with unparalleled precision and quality.

The SureColor® is available for pre-order now and is expected to begin shipping this Summer. Email us at or call 646-558-3627 to purchase this exciting new printer!

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