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Product Spotlight: The Epson SureColor P6570 Series

Epson's SureColor P6570 production printer series introduces a revolutionary design that optimizes workspace and enhances functionality. With a full front operation and a slim, flattop design, these printers can fit in places where others can't, even when placed back-to-back. This innovative design is paired with Epson’s latest PrecisionCore printhead technology and a six-color aqueous-pigment ink set, delivering outstanding quality, sharpness, and a remarkably wide color gamut. The result is incredibly fast, photo-quality printing with smooth transitions and gradations, thanks to a dedicated gray ink.

Key Benefits

Impressive Gamut and Smooth Gradation- The six-ink set includes a dedicated gray ink for smooth gradients, neutral grayscale, and reduced metamerism, alongside photo and matte black inks for a range of glossy and matte media. This combination results in an extraordinarily wide color gamut, producing outputs that rival comparable eight-ink printers.

Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)- The PrecisionCore printhead is designed to last the life of the printer, reducing failures and minimizing maintenance. This design leads to fewer interventions and higher production, coupled with a surprisingly low initial cost.

Ready to Go- With a one-piece, easy-to-install design, the printers can be up and running in less than 30 minutes. Built-in WiFi and the latest Adobe Embedded Print Engine (on the P6570DR) ensure seamless operation from the start.

UltraChrome PRO6 Ink Technology- Epson’s aqueous-based pigment inks are water-, smudge-, and fade-resistant, ensuring durable, archival, long-lasting prints. Unlike dye-based inks, they don’t run when wet, providing reliable quality for various applications.

End-to-End Print Solution- The built-in Adobe Embedded Print Engine, along with accessories like a print stacker and options such as a 960-GB SSD drive, make the P-Series Production Printers a comprehensive production print solution.

Auto-Loading, Auto-Switching Media Capabilities- These features minimize user interventions, enhancing high-efficiency production. Designed for reliability, Epson PrecisionCore printers are engineered to be workhorses, delivering consistent performance with very low maintenance.

Consistency You Can Count On- Experience no quality degradation or color shift from the beginning of the run to the end, ensuring consistent and reliable print results every time.

Let's meet the different models

SureColor P6570E - Single-Roll, auto loading, 6-Color (C, M, Y, PK, MK, GY) with 2.64" PrecisionCore Micro TFP Printhead.

SureColor P6570DE - Dual-Roll, Auto loading and switching, 6-Color (C, M, Y, PK, MK, GY) with 2.64" PrecisionCore Micro TFP Printhead.

SureColor P6570D - Dual-Roll, Auto loading and switching, 6-Color (C, M, Y, PK, MK, GY) with 2.64" PrecisionCore Micro TFP Printhead and Adobe Embedded Print Engine

Transform Your Printing Operations

The Epson SureColor P6570 production printer series is more than just a printing solution; it’s a business-builder. With their high performance, low TCO, and innovative features, these printers are designed to meet the demands of various print jobs while maintaining a slim profile and small footprint. Embrace the future of printing with Epson’s cutting-edge technology and elevate your printing operations to new heights.

Looking to add this versatile workhorse to your print room? Reach out to Spectraflow East to learn more by calling 646-558-3627, emailing us at or visiting our store at

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