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Elevate Your Photographic Prints with the Epson® SureColor P5370

Spectraflow East is delighted to introduce a game-changer for photographers and enthusiasts alike – the Epson® SureColor P5370 17-Inch Professional Photographic Printer. Crafted with precision and technological excellence, this small yet mighty printer is set to redefine the art of printing, delivering results that mirror the vision of the artist. Let's delve into the extraordinary features that make the Epson SureColor P5370 the ultimate choice for those who demand perfection in every print.

Precision at its Core: At the heart of the SureColor P5370 lies the advanced 10-channel MicroPiezo® AMC™ printhead, coupled with Epson Precision Dot screening technology. This dynamic combination ensures that prints are faithful to the artist's intent, boasting smooth tonal renditions and capturing the intricate details preserved by today's high-resolution cameras.

Vibrant Color Palette: Equipped with a 10-color UltraChrome® PRO10 Ink set, including the innovative Violet ink, the SureColor P5370 achieves an expansive range of blue hues and a wider color gamut. This exceptional ink set, housed in high-capacity 200 mL cartridges, ensures that your prints exhibit true vibrancy and accuracy.

Efficiency Redefined: Say goodbye to ink switching hassles. The dedicated channels for Photo and Matte Black Inks eliminate the need for manual switches, saving valuable time and reducing ink wastage. The printer's built-in Carbon Black Mode enhances Dmax, delivering rich blacks and exceptional contrast, especially on glossy paper.

Versatility and Productivity: Designed with photographers in mind, the SureColor P5370 offers flexibility and increased productivity. With features like a built-in roll feeder, auto cutter, and a high-capacity cassette accommodating up to 100 Premium Luster cut sheets (from 8.5" x 11" to 17" x 22"), this printer seamlessly adapts to diverse printing needs.

Advanced Software Support: Maximize your creative potential with the SureColor P5370's advanced software support. From Epson Cloud Solution PORT3 for fleet management to Epson Print Layout for simple print production, the printer is equipped with tools that enhance your overall workflow. The inclusion of Epson Print Layout for iOS and iPadOS adds an extra layer of convenience for on-the-go printing.

Stay Updated with Ease: The Epson Software Updater ensures that your printer is always equipped with the latest features and enhancements, guaranteeing a seamless and up-to-date printing experience.

The Epson® SureColor P5370 is more than a printer – it's a masterpiece creator. With its cutting-edge technology, vibrant ink set, and user-friendly features, this printer empowers photographers to produce exhibition-quality prints that truly captivate the essence of their art. Upgrade your printing experience with the SureColor P5370 and witness your creative visions come to life.

Key Features:

  • Refined printer design — combines our advanced 10-Channel MicroPiezo AMC printhead, extensive media support and brilliant UltraChrome PRO10 Ink set to consistently deliver the finest exhibition-quality prints

  • Extended color gamut — UltraChrome PRO10 Ink with Violet delivers an extended range of blue hues

  • Industry-leading print permanence — creates prints that last up to 200 years in color and 400 years in black-and-white (currently in testing)3

  • No Photo and Matte Black Ink switching — dedicated channels for Photo Black and Matte Black Inks eliminate the need to switch between inks, helping to improve efficiency and minimize ink waste

  • Extensive media handling — includes built-in roll support with auto cutter for efficient roll production, as well as a high-capacity 17" x 22"2 sheet cassette

  • Intuitive operation — large 4.3" color LCD touchscreen allows for easy setup, control and maintenance

  • Expanded connectivity — includes Ethernet, USB and Wi-Fi® connectivity

  • Carbon Black Mode — provides deep black density with an exceptional contrast on glossy paper

  • Advanced software support for enhanced productivity — includes Epson® Cloud Solution PORT4 for fleet management and Epson Print Layout software for simple print production

  • Production ink — large high-capacity 200 mL ink cartridges for increased productivity

 This groundbreaking printer is shipping now! Contact us to learn more - 646-558-3627

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