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Create accurate packaging from concept to print

Please join Jodie Steen and GMG Color Expert Birgit Plautz November 30th 2022 at 11:00am for a deep dive into creating accurate separations for packaging and offset printing. Register below!

Web Training with Jodie Steen from Spectraflow East, Inc., supported by GMG Color expert Birgit Plautz:

Create accurate packaging from concept to print

No matter where you are in the print process, maintaining the color intent from conception to the completed product is challenging. Spectraflow East and lead color consultant/owner Jodie Steen have been helping teams deliver color-accurate files for 15+ years. In this session, learn how the latest technological advancements from GMG Color plus Spectraflow East’s years of color expertise can help your team design, approve & deliver a meaningful file for even the most complex project that accurately predicts how an image will perform on press. Watch as Jodie walks you through real-world examples of problem-solving for files in packaging, publishing, and advertising.

Attendees will see real examples of how to:

  • Maintain the intention of a design through production

  • Create a print ready file that closely matches the RGB original

  • Accurately proof duotone, tritone or any non-CMYK file

  • Create accurate packaging from concept to print

  • How to use GMG’s tools to shorten design cycle and deliver a meaningful proof

  • Keeping grays stable on press!

Register to join live or get the recording:


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